Love it or loathe it, looks like this whole blockchain thing is with us to stay. The question is, what should we do with it?

Thus far, a large part of the attention and effort has been focused on crypto-currencies, and the potential to get rich quick. But you don’t have to look too far below the surface to find an extraordinarily rich and diverse ecosystem of other activities that promise to have a massive impact, especially in Asia.

The fact is that Asia’s developing economies will re-shape the world. Rapid industrialisation is leading to explosive growth in incomes and expenditures, and a growing appetite for middle class staples like cars, TVs, travel and meat. If these trends continue, and Asia’s consumption patterns mimic those in the developed world, the effect on our environment will be devastating.

Technology could save us. If Asia can leapfrog the polluting systems and patterns of the past, we have a chance to build from a new, sustainable platform. And blockchain solutions are part of that future.

As a gentle introduction to the possibilities, I convened a panel to consider some of these issues.  This live engagement took place in July 2018 at Club 1880 in Singapore between a live audience and :

Teymoor Nabili – The Signal
Atul Patel, Evangelist at DLT.SG
Ryan Merrill, Research Fellow, Singapore Management University
Yonathan Parienti, CEO,
Martin Lim, Co-founder, Electrify

This is just the beginning of this conversation. The number of new projects and ideas is growing daily, and governments and industry are realising that development needs to be guided not by profit alone, but by what is good for humanity, nature and the planet.

We’re at the start of something epochal; stay tuned.





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