“Signal-to-noise ratio is sometimes used metaphorically to refer to the ratio
of useful information to false or irrelevant data.”



Hello, and welcome to The Signal. My name is Teymoor Nabili.


I have spent the past 28 years separating the signal from the noise in global news, business, politics and international relations.

As a TV anchor and correspondent I have also covered the rise of the tech and computing industry, the dot-com boom and bust, and now I am a keen observer of the next phase of tech disruption – Web 3.0 and the growing blockchain/crypto phenomenon.



“It is often possible to reduce the noise by controlling the environment”


This website is a controlled environment; a singular node in the eco-system; a thought-space.

Here you will find content that’s been carefully filtered for a select audience – business builders who are new to blockchain, and blockchain innovators who are serious about making a difference in business.

I’ll be covering regulatory issues, disruptive innovations and visionary people, and paying special attention to how technology can help drive sustainable development in the emerging economies of Asia.

I’ll also be convening a series of facilitated conversations, events where established industry leaders can sit down with disruptors and innovators to exchange ideas and information. Through these conversations participants will not only gain an understanding of the changing business landscape, but begin the process of meaningful strategic planning and response.

If you are ready to get pro-active about understanding how blockchain, artificial intelligence and digitalisation might affect your business, get in touch about organising a facilitated strategic conversation for you and your management team.




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